Champion the Cure Challenge 2019

Abby Strong

Welcome to the Abby Strong Team!!! Abby was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer on December 1, 2014. From that moment on Abby has been fighting. She is amazing!! Her family and friends have been by her side. Abby LOVES the Champion the Cure event. She has walked the 5K two times, once was the DAY AFTER CHEMO!!! She is an inspiration to all that know her. 

Abby LOVES the New England Patriots. She doesn't miss a game, nor is she quiet during a game. I wonder if Brady can hear her at times ;-) Abby has been fighting her cancer like the 28-3 Superbowl. No matter how badly things have gotten she kept trying, just as the Patriot's did, who came back to win in OT that year. Abby has had many set backs but continues to push forward. Some may call it stubborn I call it determination. We all need to live with the level of determination and fight that Abby has been for the past 4 years.  

Join our team and fight along side of us. Live like it's 28-3 - Abby Strong!!!

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