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What if I registered but am unable to participate?
If you’re unable to participate, your support will still be appreciated! Registration fees and donations are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Qualified and applicable incentive items will be mailed after the event if you make arrangements ahead of time. Simply send an email to or call 207.973.5055.


How do I register or join a team?
Start a team by becoming a team captain. Via the website, select “REGISTER YOUR TEAM”, then selecting “Join or Form a Team.” To join a team that has already been created, select “Register” then “Join a Team.” Then simply select the name of the team you want to join.

How do I start a team if I am already registered as an individual?
Log into your account and select “Edit My Profile.” Scroll all the way to the bottom and select the option to start your own team. You will then become the team captain. 

Can I join a team if I’m already registered as an individual?
Yes. Log into your account, go to your participation center, and click "Change Team Membership" on the right.

Do all team members have to participate in the same event?
No. Team members may participate in any of the selected activities or distances.

Can I join a team and volunteer on event day?
Yes. You can join a team as a virtual participant and also register to volunteer. First, join your team by registering as a virtual participant. Next, visit the “Volunteer” tab on the homepage to review the volunteer position descriptions and frequently asked questions. You may then register as a volunteer from the “Volunteer” tab.

Are there incentive awards for individuals and teams?
Yes. Top fundraisers are recognized with special awards,

Individuals who meet certain fundraising requirements receive a prize. 

Teams with 20 or more members raising at least $5,000:

  • Entry to Champion Village
  • The first 10 teams to qualify by August 5 will earn a canopy to use in Champion Village.

How do I donate to a team?
On the left side of the homepage, select the team you wish to receive your donation. If your team is not listed, click on “View All Teams.”



When I registered, a personal fundraising page was set up for me. How do I access it?
From the homepage, click on login then input your username and password to access your personal fundraising page.

How do I submit the cash and check donations that I receive?
Click on the forms tab above to download a pledge form, which includes instructions on how to record your donations and where to send them. Please send your donations as you receive them. This will help us process the gifts quickly and post them to your personal fundraising total.

How do I apply the donations I receive toward my fundraising goal?
As soon as we receive and process cash and check donations, they are added to your fundraising total. Credit card donations made online onto your personal fundraising page are automatically added to your fundraising goal. Donors can find your personal fundraising page using a name search under “Search Participants”.

What if I want to fundraise but I can’t participate on event day?
You can be a Virtual Participant! Although you may not be walking, running, biking, or riding, your fundraising efforts will afford you the same incentives as all other participants. Virtual participants may join a team and are not required to pay an entry fee. Virtual participants who raise a minimum of $50 will receive an official event t-shirt at packet pick up.

Will reaching certain fundraising levels qualify participants to receive incentives?
Yes! There are various incentive levels for all Challenge participants. Please view the “Prizes” section under the "EVENT INFORMATION" tab of the website.

In order to be eligible for the fundraising incentives, when is the money due?
The final fundraising deadline to ensure that incentive prizes are available for you on event day is August 17.

To receive the custom 2024 Challenge cycling jersey or tech shirt by the event date, you must meet the $1,000 fundraising level by April 1 after that date the custom option will not be alivable. Otherwise, you will receive instructions on how to order yours approximately eight to ten weeks after the event. Registration fees do not count toward fundraising totals.

How do team members qualify for the individual fundraising incentives?
Each individual team member will qualify for incentives based on the amount of money he or she raises individually.

Do I have to claim awards received for my fundraising efforts on my tax return?
The IRS considers all prizes and awards associated with Champion the Cure Challenge as income. This income is calculated by taking the fair market value of the awards you receive. In keeping with IRS regulations, should the income be greater than $600, The Challenge will provide you with a Form 1099. For information on IRS regulations, deductibility of fundraising expenses and prize/award income, please contact your tax professional.

What happens if I register for The Challenge, but do not raise the minimum fundraising goal prior to the event?
If you do not meet your goal, you will have until September 30 to continue to submit donations. Should you exceed your minimum and earn applicable incentives your item(s), you may make arrangements ahead of time to have the item(s) mailed to you.  Simply email or call 207.973.5055. Please note that because supplies are limited, we reserve the right to substitute your incentive. Cyclists: we request you ride only if you reach your fundraising goal by event day.



Is there any training for volunteers?
Yes. Please check back as event day approaches for the date, time, and location of volunteer training.

Volunteers will leave training with a CTCC shirt, volunteer manual, and parking pass (if applicable).

May I participate AND volunteer on event day?
Yes. Simply complete the registration process as a participant and then contact us by email at or phone at 207.973.5055 to sign up as a volunteer.

I completed volunteer registration. What happens next?
Before event day, you will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator with more details about your role and the weekend’s events. You will receive a volunteer guide email in mid-July which will include a parking map, event map, and other pertinent information.

Will Northern Light Health Foundation staff provide transportation to and from the event venue for volunteers?
We are sorry, but we are unable to provide transportation to the event. There will be free volunteer parking onsite. We suggest leaving plenty of time for potential traffic and parking delays before your assigned shift. More information will be in the volunteer guide and at orientation.

As a volunteer, can I raise money for The Challenge?
Yes. You can join as a volunteer and raise money as a virtual participant. If you have already registered as a volunteer, join your team by registering as a virtual participant.

Can I just show up and register to volunteer, or if I’m already registered, can I bring a friend?
Volunteers are always welcomed! If you did not pre-register to volunteer, you are welcome to help us on event day by cheering along the walk/run routes anytime between 7 am and 2 pm or by joining the clean-up crew at 3pm. Please note: t-shirts are available only to pre-registered volunteers. To select from many volunteer opportunities and to receive a volunteer t-shirt, register online as soon as possible.

Can I bring my children?
Youth ages 12 and older may sign up as volunteers if they are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or authorized adult (family member, coach, teacher) who is also signed up as a volunteer for the same position and shift. Please select a volunteer opportunity appropriate for the child’s age and abilities.

Minors who are part of athletic, school, or community groups that have an official association with CTCC may have specific instructions to follow. Please check with your child’s coach or group leader.

My questions about volunteering are not answered here. Who do I ask?
Please email or call 207.973.5055.



What are the sponsorship opportunities?
There are several exclusive opportunities for companies and organizations to sponsor Champion the Cure Challenge, presented by Lafayette Hotels. Sponsorship levels include recognition at the event, hospitality, media exposure, and other benefits. Please email or call 207.973.5055 for more information.

I would like to set up an exhibit/table at the event to promote a product or service. Is this possible?
Event staff and committee are dedicated to bringing added value to our participants by incorporating great exhibitors. Priority for space is given to our sponsors. Products and services that contribute to the same goals as Northern Light Health Foundation and Champion the Cure Challenge of health and wellness, cancer awareness, cancer prevention and early detection will be accepted as space allows. Interactive and fun displays are strongly encouraged. This is a great opportunity to distribute product samples and coupons and conduct demonstrations. Exhibits have the potential for foot traffic exceeding 2,000 people. Requests must be submitted by April 30. Northern Light Health Foundation reserves the right to refuse any businesses, product, or service.

I don’t need exposure for a business, but I would like to be a donor. Can you tell me more about being a donor?
Yes. Individuals are also encouraged to support Champion the Cure Challenge. Individual patron packages are available and will include incentives. Please email or call 207.973.5055 for more information.

Can I donate to Northern Light Cancer Care separately from The Challenge?
Yes! Please visit for more information.



I don’t need exposure for a business, but I would like to be a donor. Can you tell me more about being a donor?

Yes. Individuals are also encouraged to support Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Champion the Cure Challenge. Individual patron packages are available and will include incentives. Please email or call 207.973.5055 for more information.

Can I donate to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Cancer Care separately from The Challenge?
Yes! Please visit for more information.