Set up your participant center

After you register for The Challenge, customize your personal page with your story, photo, and why you are raising funds for The Challenge. Set a fundraising goal and use the sample emails to reach out to your network to ask your family, friends, and co-workers to participate.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a great way to show your commitment to supporting Maine patients and families who are affected by cancer through Champion the Cure Challenge. And, when you share your passion for the cause, those who are close to you may be inspired to join you in making a difference by supporting local cancer care.

Tips for successful a social media campaign:

  • Post early and consistently – announce your participation in Champion the Cure Challenge. If you have a team and are holding events and activities, let your social media audience know. Post whenever you achieve a fundraising milestone.
  • Connect to purpose – share your reasons for supporting The Challenge and explain why local cancer care treatment and research are important to you.
  • Go multimedia – photos and short videos will really get their attention! Your pictures and videos can look good, even if you don’t have expensive equipment – most modern smartphones will produce high quality results.
  • Keep it succinct – on most platforms, short, snappy posts perform better than long paragraphs of text.
  • Encourage your fans to interact – Ask your social media followers if they will be joining you at The Challenge. Respond to questions and comments promptly.
  • Don’t forget the #hashtag - use the hashtag #CTCChallenge.

Fundraise in the workplace

Looking for an easy way to take your team’s fundraising to the next level? Check out these fundraising ideas to try in the workplace (with permission of your business or organization, of course). You may also consider asking your leadership to match your employees’ contributions to The Challenge.

Dress casual for a cause day
Employees pay a small fee to wear jeans or other casual clothing for a day, with proceeds supporting Champion the Cure Challenge.

Workplace bowling tournament
Hold a tournament at the bowling alley after work and provide the winner with a prize. Every employee pays a small fee to participate. It’s a fun way to connect with your co-workers, and a great way to make a difference!

Workplace massages
Ask a local massage therapist to donate their time to support the cause! Employees pay a small fee for each massage, and all money raised supports The Challenge. Please contact us before approaching your local massage therapist, as some local therapists already support The Challenge.

The Coffee Challenge
Can donating the cost of a cup of coffee really make a difference? Yes! Pick one day each month when employees can choose to donate the cost of one cup of coffee to the cause. Continue accepting donations one day each month right up until The Challenge!

Business Challenge
Challenge your business’s competitors or vendor partners to a friendly competition! Present a trophy or other token of appreciation to the business that raises the most money.

Coin jar
This a great way to raise money without having to plan an event. Place a coin jar in your breakroom, lobby, or other high traffic area and watch the donations come in!

Office potluck
Encourage co-workers to bring in their favorite dishes! Charge $1 for those who bring a dish, and $3 for those who do not.

Office Talent Show
Singing, dancing, comedy…chances are, your co-workers are a talented bunch! Invite them to show off their skills at an office-wide talent show. Charge a small admission fee to the show to raise money for The Challenge.