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We have been challenged!

A long-time Champion the Cure Challenge enthusiast is ready to take the Challenge to the next level. We’ve been challenged to make 2022 the first year in Champion the Cure Challenge’s history to raise $1 million to support Northern Light Cancer Care. With just over $500,000 raised through the challenge to date and only weeks from the first event, that’s no small feat. But our enthusiast is determined – so they will match $1 for every $1 raised up to $250,000! That means from this point on, every dollar you raise has double the impact!

Where does the money go?

If you know someone who has had radiation cancer treatments at Northern Light Cancer Care, you know someone who has benefitted from our linear accelerators. Linear accelerators are the machines used to provide these life-saving radiation treatments. In fact, Northern Light Cancer Care’s linear accelerators provide an average of 18,000 treatments annually and see 915 new patients each year.

As we look to upgrade existing equipment to the latest technology, a portion of this year’s Champion the Cure Challenge proceeds will go toward the purchase of a new linear accelerator that will further aid us in providing world-class cancer care close to home.

Linear Accelerator

Learn more about the linear accelerator and how Champion the Cure Challenge is making a difference for those battling cancer every day, right here in Maine.